The Effect of Nursing Quality Improvement and Mobile Health Interventions on Infant Sleep Practices

Question  Will 2 separate, complementary interventions (nursing quality improvement intervention and mobile health intervention) promote safe infant sleep practices?

Findings  In a 4-group cluster randomized clinical trial with 1263 families, mothers who received a mobile health intervention with regular text or email messages and videos reported statistically significantly higher rates of placing their infants supine to sleep compared with mothers who received control interventions (adjusted prevalence, 89.1% vs 80.2%, respectively), room sharing without bed sharing (82.8% vs 70.4%), no soft bedding use (79.4% vs 67.6%), and any pacifier use (68.5% vs 59.8%). A nursing quality improvement intervention did not influence infant safe sleep practices.

Meaning  A mobile health intervention improved adherence with infant safe sleep practices. Whether widespread use of this type of intervention is feasible and reduces sudden and unexpected infant death rates remains to be studied.

Reference: JAMA. 2017;318(4):351-359.