JAMA have published an obesity themed issue featuring approaches to the prevention and treatment of obesity.


NICE guidance: sore throat

NICE has published a NICE guideline  Sore throat (acute): antimicrobial prescribing (NG84).  This guideline sets out an antimicrobial prescribing strategy for acute sore throat. It aims to limit antibiotic use and reduce antimicrobial resistance. Acute sore throat is often caused by a virus, lasts for about a week, and most people get better without antibiotics. Withholding antibiotics rarely leads to complications.

Additional link: NICE press release

NIHR Signals

The National Institute for Health Research has published the following Signals containing summaries of published research for health and social care decision makers:

Primary care estate

Reform has published A design diagnosis: reinvigorating the primary care estate.  This report looks at financing options for GPs who wish to upgrade their estate and finds private sector finance can upgrade the estate at value for money for the taxpayer.   It suggests GPs need to be well-informed on financing options and building design to ensure public-private partnerships deliver value for money and that STPs have a critical role in supporting GPs when they are interacting with estate developers.

Additional link: Reform blog

NHS Health Check

Public Health England (PHE) has published NHS Health Check: stocktake and action plan.  This report provides a stocktake of the NHS Health Check programme as PHE approaches the end of the first 5-year cycle of the programme and outlines an action plan for the next cycle.  PHE has also published Using the NHS Health Check programme to prevent CVD which explores how the NHS Health Check is playing and important role in the prevention and early detection of cardiovascular disease.

Reimagining community services

The King’s Fund has published Reimagining community services: making the most of our assets.  This report looks at the current state of community services and explores how the health and care system needs to change to enable these services to meet the needs of the population now and in the future.  It proposes ten design principles that should inform the future planning and provision of care.

Pressure ulcers

The Department of Health and Social Care has published Safeguarding adults protocol: pressure ulcers and the interface with a safeguarding enquiry.  This guidance helps practitioners and managers across health and care organisations to provide caring and quick responses to people at risk of developing pressure ulcers.  It also offers a process for the clinical management of harm removal and reduction where ulcers occur, considering if an adult safeguarding response is necessary.