BMA — ‘Responsible, safe and sustainable’ general practice

A new vision for a ‘sustainable, modern and flexible’ general practice is published by the BMA this week.

The vision, ‘Responsible, safe and sustainable: towards a new future for general practice’, is based on a series of key recommendations drawn from consultations with both doctors and patients.

BMA GPs committee chair Chaand Nagpaul said that the vision sought to address chronic issues facing the sector such as recruitment and retention, infrastructure and investment, and rising patient demand.

He added that the growing number of GP trainee vacancies meant that the UK risked losing out on an entire generation of new doctors put off from pursuing a career in general practice.

He said: ‘General practice is at a crossroads after a decade of rising patient demand and falling resources.

‘The BMA’s largest ever survey of GPs earlier this year found that one in three were considering retiring in the next five years as almost all reported that they were struggling to manage patient demand.

‘Last month, there were more than 600 vacancies for GP trainee places across England, showing that a generation of new medical graduates are turning their backs on a career as a GP.

‘We have a general practice that, despite the best efforts of GPs, does not have the infrastructure, coordination, staff or funding to deliver effective services to patients.’

Based on a survey of 15,560 GPs, the results of which were published in April this year, the BMA’s vision for general practice includes a number of recommendations, including:

  • Improving recruitment and retention by implementing manageable GP workloads
  • A new national campaign to promote patient self-care to reduce the existing burden on GP service
  • Improving technological efficiency, information sharing and collaboration between general practice and the wider NHS
  • Reforming the GP curriculum and career path in order to entice greater numbers of medical graduates into general practice.

Read the full article via BMA — ‘Responsible, safe and sustainable’ general practice | british medical association.


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